A Righteous Good Time Was Had By All

A grand Celebration Of Life took place on Saturday, October 1, 2011, at the Josephine Randall Museum in San Francisco. Hundreds of Peter Berg’s friends, compatriots, family, comrades and acquaintances came together to share the passing of a legend.

This post blog will be a place for participants to put comments on this event. If you have photos, please send digital copies to: mail@planetdrum.org so that we can create a gallery of images. We are hoping to be able to post portions of the video record of the event.

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3 Responses to A Righteous Good Time Was Had By All

  1. planetdrum says:

    Program for the Events of October 1-2, 2011
    Carte de Venue (Event Program)
    Celebration of Life: Carte de Venue

    • 5pm: Explore the Grounds and Surrounds and begin visitin’. Displays, Video Postcards in the earthquake cottage, Organic Sustenance from Shasta Bioregion (within 100miles)
    • 6ish: Walk to the top of the Red Rocks (optional)
    • 6:45ish: Sing the sun down
    • 7pm: Return from the Red Rocks enjoy the wildness within the city on the way down. More visitin’.
    • 7:45-8pm: AS the conch sounds, go to the theater for tributes, lamenting, screeds, orations, stories, howling, crying, rants, soliloquies, and proclamations ‘til we can’t take it any more.
      After that: Visitin’, along with more eatin’ and drinkin’.
    • 11pm: Saying good-byes.

    When you leave don’t forget to collect your gift of a dollar 4 your enhanced perception, a ticketless trip, and 1% Free California Poppy seeds to strew when the rains come.

    Many thanks to all who helped make this possible.

    October 2, 2011:
    Sunset on Ocean Beach, south fire pit.
    The celebration continues.

  2. planetdrum says:

    Heading to the top of Red Rocks to sing the Sun down.
    Red Rocks gathering

  3. planetdrum says:

    Moon Over Death Valley(The original announcement for the event:)

    What: A Celebration of Life in Peter’s Honor

    When: October 1, 2011 beginning at 5:00 pm.

    Where: The Josephine P. Randall Jr. Museum. Josephine left this place to the city so that future children of San Francisco would know what the area was like in its more wild, natural state. It’s at the geographic center of the city. (See directions below.)

    Carte de Venue & Street Menu: At 6:15-7:00 pm we’ll climb to the top of the red rocks to sing the sun down. At 11:00 pm we’ll depart from the museum.

    We’ll eat (finger food), drink, and call for Peter to join us. There will be tributes, rants, stories, one-liners, poems, presentations, and music. Dress up or down to celebrate the fashionista side of Peter. Let’s make this an event that Peter would love! Peter Berg was a very public person, social interactions were his forte.
    Come gather and do some visitin’ in his honor.

    Please help us with the logistics. Copy/paste the text below and send an email to: mail@planetdrum.org (or call us at 415-285-6556).

    How many will attend? ______

    Do you want to give a tribute, tell a story, speak, rant, or do a presentation? Yes______ What kind?______ Lasting about ____minutes

    (If you aren’t sure — it’s OK, but let us know that you might. We can add or remove you later.)

    If you can’t attend, are you sending something to be read or shown, a photograph, a CD, a DVD? Yes____ What?________________

    Are you bringing dessert to share? Yes_____ (Any kind is OK.)

    See you there, and much LOVE,

    Judy and Ocean


    The Randall Museum’s address is 199 Museum Way, San Francisco, CA 94114. Marc’s cell phone is 415-317-5847 if you need help finding us on October 1. Click here for a Google map to the location.

    Some parking is available in the Museum’s moderate-sized lot and on nearby States Street and Roosevelt Way. Carpooling or Muni is strongly encouraged.

    Planet Drum Foundation P.O. Box 31251
    mail@planetdrum.org San Francisco, CA 94131
    415-285-6556 Shasta Bioregion, USA

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