Remembering Peter Berg (1937-2011)

Photo of Peter Berg and Golden Gate BridgeThe social revolutionary thinker, writer, ecologist, environmental activist and founder of Planet Drum Foundation died on July 28, 2011 after a sudden case of pneumonia complicated by his bout with lung cancer. Peter Berg was an unforgettable personality for anyone who made his acquaintance over the past several decades. This blog will be where we collect remembrances, reminiscences, recollections, tributes, rants, soliloquies, orations, and simple thank-you’s for a man who touched many lives.

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Comments from near and far

Peter and Holy Hubert, 1968The Planet Drum office and Peter’s family have received many emails with messages that we wanted to convey on these pages. This blog post will be a place to add these comments.

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Biographical note

Berg, Peter
(October 1, 1937 – July 28, 2011)
Bioregionalism Philosopher, Founder and Director of Planet Drum Foundation

One of the leading advocates of bioregionalism, Peter Berg was the founder and director of Planet Drum Foundation, a noted ecologist, and a popular public speaker on several continents. He was widely acknowledged as an originator of the use of the terms bioregion and reinhabitation to describe land areas in terms of their interdependent plant, animal, and human life. Berg believed that the relationships between humans and the rest of nature point to the importance of supporting cultural diversity as a component of biodiversity.

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Proclamation: Peter Berg Day (October 1, 2011)

Proclamation (of the)
City and County of San Francisco

Whereas, San Francisco has consistently demonstrated its commitment to environmental sustainability, greening the city via its many parks, along its streets, and infrastructure, its promotion of green jobs and renewable energy sources; and

Whereas, Peter Berg, Founder and Director of Planet Drum Foundation since 1973, was one of the first ecologists to recognize the importance, on an increasingly urbanized planet, of developing sustainable cities and was the originator of the concepts in current usage of the terms “bioregion” and “reinhabitation;” and,

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Interviews of Peter Berg

Before there was Planet Drum there were the Diggers. From 1966-1968+ Peter Berg and this loose knit band of artists/activists/anarchists were active. There are several interviews with Peter about this period. One interview from 1982 (partially transcribed) is available on the Digger website. Several other transcriptions will be posted here on the Planet Drum blog site soon.

Salubrious Solstice 2017! The following posts will celebrate the end of the year:
Peter Berg interviewed about the Summer of Love for The American Experience
David Mairowitz Interviews Peter Berg for My 68




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Planet Drum Foundation in Ecuador

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Come Share Winter Solstice

Come share Winter Solstice in San Francisco.
Bonfire greets the setting sun, 4:54pm, Dec. 21, 2011.
Ocean Beach fire pit, near Lincoln Blvd.
Bring warm. Bring cheer. Bring musical instruments.
Dancing. Poems. Friends. Fire.

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A Righteous Good Time Was Had By All

A grand Celebration Of Life took place on Saturday, October 1, 2011, at the Josephine Randall Museum in San Francisco. Hundreds of Peter Berg’s friends, compatriots, family, comrades and acquaintances came together to share the passing of a legend.

This post blog will be a place for participants to put comments on this event. If you have photos, please send digital copies to: so that we can create a gallery of images. We are hoping to be able to post portions of the video record of the event.

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