(Other) Celebrations of Peter’s Life

Peter and native grassOther Gatherings

Several friends have indicated that they can’t make the October 1 gathering  in San Francisco but are interested in having a remembrance celebration in their local bioregion.  We suggest that besides his birthday (October 1) the Equinoxes or Solstices are appropriate dates. Peter always loved a planetary holiday.

Please PROVIDE DETAILS of other gatherings

If you decide to have an event, please post details in the COMMENTS section of this blog posting (see “Comment” below.)

Planet Drum Staff
Planet Drum Foundation                              P.O. Box 31251
mail@planetdrum.org                                  San Francisco, CA 94131
415-285-6556                                                  Shasta Bioregion, USA
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6 Responses to (Other) Celebrations of Peter’s Life

  1. In tribute to Peter Berg’s life and work, Poetry Flash has dedicated the 2011 Watershed Environmental Poetry Festival to him. The festival will be held on Saturday, October 1, noon to 4:30, at Civic Center Park in Berkeley with the Berkeley Farmers’ Market. He will be remembered at the festival with talks by Jerry Martien, who will read poetry by Peter Berg as well as his own, Kirstin Miller of Ecocity Builders (speaking also on behalf of Richard Register, who is at a conference in Korea), and poet Kirk Lumpkin of the Ecology Center. We will have Peter’s book, “Envisioning Sustainability,” available. Peter was to have spoken at the event, which also features poets Robert Hass, Judy Grahn, D.A. Powell, Andrew Schelling, Camille Dungy, kids poetry, and great jazz by Barry Finnerty’s Jazz Roots Trio. We think Peter would have enjoyed the day, “standing up for the earth” with poets and music.

    Please check out http://poetryflash.org/ to see more: a talk by Peter and four of his poems are featured in an article on the site about Watershed. May Peter’s Tribute day be glorious, on both sides of the bay, and full of all he would have loved.

    —Joyce Jenkins, Poetry Flash

  2. Mapperos says:

    This Saturday, October 1st, 2011, MAPP (Mission Arts Performance Project) will be dedicating their event to Peter Berg in celebration of his life.

    The MAPP is a bi-monthly neighborhood inter-cultural arts event that transforms garages, cafes, studios, gardens, and local businesses into make-shift arts & performance spaces where daily life meets artistic innovation and expression.

    The program for the event can be found by following the link below.


    Thank you all for support and many thanks to all the diverse and talented artists performing in this event. May the echoes of our passions reach the stretch of Peter’s soul.


  3. Paul Ryan says:

    Celebrating Peter Berg in the City of New York

    Bioregional folks and others who knew Peter will be gathering
    to celebrate his life on Saturday, October first at 7 PM. Jamie Cloud and
    David Levine will be hosting the gathering at their loft in Soho, in
    lower Manhattan. Bring local foods, remembrances, music, stories and
    yourselves. If and when you have an idea of what you might like to
    present, please let us know how long it might be, so we can cobble
    together a program of sorts. A week or so before the event would be fine.

    RSVP by email to Paul Ryan (paulryan333@gmail.com)

  4. Maria Tupper says:

    Oh, Judy, what a journey this must be for you. Fred and I think of you and Peter often. We are so very glad that we had our visit last October. That time we shared with both of you is a real treasure to us.

    The New Haven-Quinnipiac Bioregion [New Haven, CT] for their 6th Anniversary is planning an event that will honor Peter. Our event is October 22. So the timing might be perfect after your Oct. 1 event.

    We were wondering if there are any videos, YouTube pieces, or other AV material that we might use for that event. I will also check my photos from last October and see if there are some that I can send you. Unfortunately when you and Peter were here 6 years ago I wasn’t the photo buff I have since become. So there are no pictures of that time.

    Whatever you can make available will be wonderful and we will make good use of it.

    Fred and I send our love and warm wishes to you,


    BTW when we got the announcement of Peter’s death I learned that he and I share an October 1 birthday-we’re two Bioregional Libras!!

  5. Diamond Dave Whitaker says:

    September 24, 2011–Civic Center Plaza , in front of City Hall Lookin back to the Open Heart and mind Poetry Free City Back to 1968 !!!

    Will be rockin and rollin in the spirit of my brother Peter Berg , Digger ,Free/Green City, and founder with Judy Berg. Planet Drum Foundation .

    He be here in Spirit !!!!!!

    In the San Francisco Bio-region, we have poets and other voices for change! The spoken word and the singing word at an open mic.
    A drummin’ and dancin’ Mother of All Drum Circles will follow at dusk.

    Open Mic – 2 to 6 pm (or as long as it takes! We’re in for this through and through!)

    FOOD NOT BOMBS will share with all. Bring what you can, get what you need.

    Really, really, really free market will be spread in the plaza.

    Your ideas are encouraged and welcome to make this truly a day of change

    Facilitators Brahma Joseph and Diamond Dave Whitaker will be seen spitting word and wiggling throughout the crowd. Join the collective!

    Call Diamond for more information – (415) 240 – 0286


  6. Peter Coyote says:

    A Memorial Service for Peter will be held Monday, August 22, 7:45 pm, at Ancient Dragon Zen Gate, 1922 W. Irving Park Road, Chicago 60613. It will be after the regular zazen period at 7:15 am. The priest is an old and good friend named Taigen Dan Leighton, and if you would like to ask him any questions, you can reach him at: taigen108@gmail.com



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